"Once you allow yourself to identify with the people in a story, then you might begin to see yourself in that story even if on the surface it's far removed from your situation... this is one great thing that literature can do -- it can make us identify with situations and people far away." 

- Chinua Achebe

World Literature

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Welcome to World Literature!


Current Topic: Final Exam Review!

Upcoming Assessments:​​

  • Independent Reading Flipgrid videos are due by the end of each quarter.  Quarter 4 Due Date: Friday, June 14. No late assignments will be accepted.


All students should have a functional account on turnitin.com and be registered for this class.  To set up your account, the enrollment key is roslyn.  Class ID codes are as follows:

Period 4: 18867241

Period 5: 18867255






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Daily Assignments

Please note: We are embarking this year on a year-long independent reading experience.  We will periodically visit the library so that students can choose a book to read during our independent reading time.  There will be various assessments throughout each quarter to be completed in regards to independent reading books, in addition to those based off of our whole-class novels and plays.  If you do not have specific reading/writing assignments listed below for any given day, you should be using your English homework time to read your IR novel. 

Click here for May reading calendar and major assessments for Catcher in the Rye.

Please keep in mind that all reading assignments are due on the day indicated on the calendar.  For each listed reading assignment, read the chapter and update the Fever Chart on Google Classroom. 

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